JSuke (Jeremy Suke) is a Canadian Illustrator and Gig Poster Artist from Kenora, Ontario. He is for a lack of a better term, the new kid in town when it comes to Poster Art, but is surely starting to make a name for himself. With influences from David Welker, Munk One, Ames Bros, Brad Klausen, Chuck Sperry, Don Pendleton, Zio Ziegler, and Ken Taylor (To name a few), drawing from their creativity, which encourages him to continue adapting and creating new vibrant artwork that will differentiate his from everyone else's. Over the last two years, he's become well known for creating Artwork for musical acts and festivals; albeit on a smaller scale then those he looks up to, his momentum is growing faster then he anticipated; being recognized for his "Out of the Box" creativity and "No holds Bared" approach to his artwork. His art has gained much attention through social media fan pages, blogs, and various media outlets across North America over the last two years. In addition to his artwork, he runs his own Web & Graphic design company: Nufuzion Design and is an accomplished musician as a member of Maudes Wagon - an Indie rock band, with past projects writing and performing for The Rebel Union, Shameliss (Solo Act), and Stript Stone.

His artistic style can sometimes be filled with undertones of violence, mortality, religion, sex, or politics but his work can also be full of bright and fun colors and ideas with a sense of humor. He uses a combination of hand drawn elements, Digital created elements, and merges the two for his final versions.

It may be a long road to become "well known" in the Poster art community, but Jeremy feels he's well on his way and is happy "just to be a part of it".